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Mankato, New Ulm, & St Peter Summer Camps


Dance Conservatory 2024 Summer


Early registration is encouraged to secure your spot in our summer camps.  Please fill out a registration form just as soon as possible.  Forms can be picked up at the Mankato location or click HERE for Mankato registration. Once the form is filled out, please email to If you have any questions on class placement, please contact us @ 507-625-2005, email or stop by and see any

Dance Conservatory staff member for assistance.


We are looking forward to another fun and exciting summer of dance!!


FREE FALL REGISTRATION to anyone who registers and pays for summer camp by June 1st!

Mankato 2024 Summer Dance Camp Schedule:


June 17-19: 3 Day TRY IT Camp

4:00-4:45pm Fairytales Camp ages 3-6 (Free to NEW students/students who bring a friend) $35

                   ***Featuring Princesses and Fairies **LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE**


June 17-20:

5:00-5:45pm Mermaids/Merman Seaside Beach Party ages 3-5 $40

5:00-5:55pm Beginner Boys Dance Combo (Hip Hop/Jazz) ages 5+ $30

6:00-6:55pm Barbie 12 Dancing Princess Beginner Ballet ages 5+ $45

6:00-6:55pm Broadway Bound Dance ages 5-10 $45


June 24-27:

5:00-5:45pm Princess Dance Camp ages 3-5 $40

5:00-5:55pm Hip Hop Beginner ages 5+ $45

6:00-6:55pm Cinderella Ballet Camp ages 5+ $45

6:00-6:55pm Tap/Jazz/Lyrical ages 6-10 $45


July 15-18:

5:00-5:55pm Jewels: Beginner Ballet 5+ $45

5:00-5:55pm Ballet Technique $45

6:00-6:55pm Hip Hop Beginner ages 5+ $45

6:00-8:00pm Boot Camp $85

7:00-7:55pm Contemporary Ballet ages 9+ $45


July 22-25:

5:00-5:45pm Princess & Prince Dance Camp ages 3-5 $40

***Featuring Cinderella, Elsa and other Princesses!

5:00-5:55pm Modern/Contemporary Camp (Required for solos in this genre + boot camp) $45 

6:00-6:55pm Leaps & Turns Camp $45

6:00-8:00pm Boot Camp $85

7:00-8:30pm Musical Theatre Intensive ***SPECIAL GUEST*** $60

August 5-8:

4:00-4:45pm Enchanted Encanto Dance Camp ages 3-5 $40

4:30-5:00pm Wee Dancers Summer Camp ages 2-3 $30

5:00-5:55pm Ballet Technique $45

5:00-5:45pm Hip Hop Try It ages 5+ (FREE to NEW STUDENTS or if you bring a friend) $40

6:00-6:55pm Alice in Wonderland Camp (Tap/Jazz/Ballet) ages 5+ $45

6:00-8:00 Boot Camp $85

August 12-15:

4:00-4:45pm Princess & Prince Dance Camp ages 3-5 $40

***Featuring Cinderella, Elsa and other Princesses!

4:00-4:55pm Ballet Technique $45

5:00-5:55pm Barbie's Dance Party ages 5+ $45

5:00-5:55pm Tap/Jazz/Lyrical ages 6-10 $45

5:00-5:55pm Leaps & Turns Camp $45

6:00-6:55pm LET'S HEAR IT for POM Camp $45

6:00-9:00pm MANDATORY DANCE UNLIMITED INTENSIVE  $100 (no discount)

6:00-8:00 Boot Camp $85

August 19-22:

4:00-4:55pm Leap! Tech Camp ages 8 and below (Leaps, Turns, Ballet…) $45

5:00-5:55pm PrePointe/Pointe (required for fall PrePointe/Pointe) $45

5:00-5:55pm Tap Tech $45

5:00-5:55pm Leaps & Turn $45

6:00-8:00pm Boot Camp $85

*Any Fairytale Camper may take a Princess Camp, Ballet or other themed Camp for $35 per session.

****All dancers in Competitive Dance (ages 8+) are required to take 2 BOOT CAMPS & THE DANCE UNLIMITED INTENSIVE, Nationals Prep Classes do NOT count as a boot camp. It is HIGHLY recommended that Competition Dancers take Leaps, Arms, Turns camps and Ballet Technique as well. See your requirement sheet.

****Modern/Contemporary Camp is required in addition to Boot Camp for solos, duets, trios in those genres.

****Anyone wanting to perform a solo, duet, and trio in the 2024-2025 dance year must

attend one boot camp. NO exceptions will be made.

****ALL ASSISTANTS & CO TEACHERS must attend at least one Boot Camp.

**** Bootcamps are full price, all other classes 10% off.

****All classes subject to change or cancellation due to enrollment.

****Competition Dancers may take Any Technique Camp for $30 per session. (Ballet Tech, Tap Tech, Leaps & Turns, Tech)

****Discounts are determined by DC Office Staff.

****First month’s payment due with registration

New Ulm Summer Schedule 2024 

Dance Camps are above the Chamber of Commerce 1 N Minnesota Ave New Ulm.

Click Here for the New Ulm Registration form. Completed forms can be emailed to

June 24-27:

4:00-4:55pm Princess Dance Camp ages 3-7 $45

5:00-5:55pm Tap/Jazz ages 6-11 $45

6:00-6:55pm Ballet Technique ages 7+ $45

St Peter Summer Schedule 2024


   Dance Camps are held in the St Peter Yoga studio located at 112 Grace Street in St Peter, above the St Peter Thrift Store

Click Here for the St Peter Registration form. Completed forms can be emailed to

August 12-15:

5:15-6:00pm Princess and Prince Dance Camp ages 3-7 $40

6:00-6:55pm Tap/Jazz ages 6+ $45

7:00-7:55pm Hip Hop ages 5+ $45

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