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Gerri Mae

Where are you from? Pine Island

Where have you worked: Enrick Company, JcPenney’s, Harry Meyering Center, Primerica

Years at DC: 7

Favorite Type of Dance: Hula

Special Awards: High School Orchestra Directors Award, National Honors Society

JCP: Multiple customer service awards, Shoe department-#1 in the district in 2006, Pricing Department-Top 5 in the Company in 2012

Primerica: Multiple Years of Partner of the Year, Integrity Award

DC’s 2015 MVP Award

Favorite Color: Green

One thing I want families to know: I truly do not mind being asked questions.  I rather have parents know the answers than to sit there and wonder.

Why do I love DC: I love the family atmosphere that I feel when I’m at the studio, it feels like a second home for me and my children.  I love watching the dancers grow up, how they become more confident and have positive self-esteem as they hit the teenage years.  I also love working for a company that truly allows me to put my family first!

Outside Interest: Cross stitching, going to the beach, spending time with family, Christmas

School Major: Bachelor’s in Sociology, Minor in Communication, Business, and Psychology

Favorite Dance Quote: Forget dancing like no one is watching, dance like a toddler.  They don’t even care if there’s music.

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