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Miss Finley

Miss Finley is a Dance Conservatory instructor from Waverly, Iowa and has danced with Dance Wave and The Studio by Alyssa. She has been a dancer for 17 years. She is a Theatre Design and Technology major at Minnesota State University - Mankato.

Fun facts: Miss Finley's favorite color is purple! Her favorite type of dance is Ballet. She loves to read and go hiking with her friends. One thing Miss Finley would like her dancers to know is: "Never stop doing what you love."

Miss Finley loves to dance because: " lets me express myself and gives me a break from the world."

Finley's favorite quote is "The only dancer you should compare yourself to, is the one you used to be."


Thank you Miss Finley for being a fantastic dance instructor! Dance Conservatory is thrilled to have you on staff!

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