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Covid Safety Protocols

Dance Conservatory not only meets but EXCEEDS all requirements for safe programming. We have always been above the requirements and have added further equipment to continue to keep our dance families safe.

To review our protocols, please see below:

All dancers must have their temperature taken before class by a front desk staff member

Stay home if you feel unwell

Wash your hands & use hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer is in the lobby and each dance room

Stay 6 feet apart at all times

Use the social distance marks on the dance floors

No contact dancing or lifts

Please pick up your dancer as soon as class is over

Cover sneezes/coughs properly if you have allergies

Bring & use your own water bottle

Please keep your hands to yourself

This facility is deep cleaned professionally twice weekly.

All surfaces are cleaned with between classes.

Floors are bleached before classes begin each day.

Our rooms are treated daily with ActivePure Technology which kills viruses and bacteria. Studies now show that this system kills the COVID-19 virus in addition to many other viruses and bacteria. The Mankato studio has 3 ActivePure systems. New UIm has 1.

***Per state mandate, dancers must wear a mask as they enter and exit the studio but not while dancing.  Parents and guests are required to follow state regulations regarding masks. Below is the COVID-19 Preventions Guidance for Youth & Student programs directly from the state website.

Face coverings per COVID 19 Prevention Guidance for Youth & Student Programs:

∎The Executive Order’s face covering requirement does not apply to children 5 years old and younger

and does not require wearing a face covering when a person is unable to tolerate wearing a face

covering because of a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability.

∎ Children 2 years old and younger should never wear face coverings.

∎The Executive Order allows people to temporarily remove face coverings in certain circumstances,

provided that social distancing is maintained, including:

∎When eating or drinking.

∎ When swimming or participating in another activity that would get the face covering wet (a face

covering should never be worn in the water or when wet).

∎When participating in an organized sport or other physical activity when the level of exertion

would make it difficult to wear a face covering.

∎ When communicating with a person who is deaf or hearing impaired or has a disability, medical

condition, or mental health condition that makes communication with a face covering difficult.

∎ When performing or public speaking, or playing an instrument that cannot be played with a face


∎ When staff are working alone, including when alone in an office, a room, a cubicle with walls

that are higher than face level, a vehicle, or an enclosed or separated work area.

∎ When sleeping or going to sleep.


40 Minute zoom classes are still available if you prefer to utilize online classes. For better planning of class instruction, please let us know if you are going to take class online. We must provide 24 hours notice to our staff so they can prepare links and curriculum. Please RSVP to the studio at least 24 hours prior to the class via phone or email if your dancer will be on zoom.  Thank you for your understanding. We want to offer all options to our students in the highest quality. We plan to use Zoom for snow days.

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